Bloomingdale council survives recall


For the Tribune

BLOOMINGDALE — Voters in Bloomingdale Village are making it loud and clear they’re not interested in voting for a new council.

This past Tuesday voters headed to the polls to determine if five members of the village council would keep their elected posts, and by the end of the day, all retained their jobs by more than a 2-1 margin.

For President Tom Rock there were 45 votes in favor of recall, 118 against; President pro tem Tom Barczak 49-115; Council member Shirley Noble 52-111; Council member Toni Rankin 40-123

and Council member William Rawlings 54-109.

“I am happy with the outcome,” said Village President Tom Rock. “We will continue to proceed to do business as usual. We did not let this recall affect the operation of the village. Apparently, the people are happy with the council.”  The other council members could not be reached for comment.

The election ends six months of controversy that was sparked when village resident Steve Spiece, organized a recall effort claiming that the council’s decision to fire former Police chief John Josten was contrary to the will of the citizens. The council chose to terminate Josten’s position after he had been convicted for misdemeanor domestic violence.

Prior to the recall election, Rock defended the council’s decision.

“We have addressed health, safety and welfare of the village residents,” he said. “We would not rescind any decisions that we have made and we are proud of what we have done for the

village of Bloomingdale.”

Spiece could not be reached for comment after the election.


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